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Understanding your requirement is our #1 top priority. Our Next customers are never the same. Everyone has their wants and needs. Our job is to align them to assist you in exploring the possibilities. 


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We take a lot of pride in our business, hence we spend many late nights and hard work contributing to our little success. It’s humbling to see the beautiful smiles on our seller’s faces

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Eugene Tan has over 13 years of sales & marketing experiences

Coming from a humble family, he understands that positive results come only with pure honesty, diligence in his work, and creative marketing ideas. Regardless if you are buying or selling your property, he works tirelessly to bring you the results.


Selling your property

Our premium marketing strategies cover many platforms including online and offline. Our only objectives, closed at the highest possible price at the lowest possible time! Your is not just another listing, it’s unique in every ways and require customise to fit your intended results.

Asset Progression

First and foremost, planning is very critical for asset progression, owning multiple properties with passive income would help to lighten your financial load. However, we believe not all properties are assets some may be a liability. We have a set of checklists to choose your property!

Buying your Property

Property is one of the largest ticket items one may buy during their lifetime. With such a huge commitment involved, a professional advisory analysis will be critical for you to make an informed decision. We all have your blindspot covered we believe you can make a more suitable decision for your purchase.


We Believe In good planning

Having a good plan before executing help you identifying potential problem that may lay ahead such insufficient fund, mismanage timeline and many more. Our professional planning will help you look out for potential bindspot that you may overlook.


Thinking out of the box

Our marketing strategy are fully customisable to our clients needs. With many competition around your neighbourhood, how do you stand out and shine above the rest? That is why we have to think out of the box to help you enhance your selling and create sucessful results.


We Connect your property

Connecting the right buyer with the right seller is crucial for a successful transaction. With our extensive platforms both online and offline, we have master the best way to do it. We don't just create exposure, we connect with people, understand their needs and wants.


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We transact property on a regular basis, be it if you are looking to sell, buy, invest or rent. We have the "know how and do what" to assist you all the way!

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