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It Start from a humble begining

Family Background
Coming from a humble family, he understands that positive results come only with pure honesty, diligence in his work, and creative marketing ideas. Regardless if you are buying or selling your property, he works tirelessly to bring you the results.


Know The Industry

13 Years Of Experience In Sales & Marketing Roles

Eugene Tan have accumulate 13 years of sales and marketing experience since 2008, having held a management position in a interior finishing company and was being tasked to manage the whole of Singapore sales office and showroom. Under his management, he had planned and strategise marketing campaign to better position the company toward being the TOP brand in Singapore.

At Eugene Tan Property, we take pride in what we do. For selling, we work toward selling at the highest possible price at the shortest possible time. As for buying, we evaluate trend, highlight the pros & cons of every shortlisted property so as to ensure our buyers are able to make an informed decision.

In the 21st Century where property trend are ever changing and marketing tools are always evolving. Adapting to changes has become one of our top priorities to ensure we create maximum exposure for our clients. Digital Platform has been One of the most used when it comes to selling, buying or investing in property. Hence, we are on Singapore Top 6 property platform.

“I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

Thomas Jefferson

understand the market

He is well-versed with cutting-edge digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and other marketing avenue, he will be able to identify & troubleshoot marketing campaigns that are facing issues and are not converting in to sales

Your interest is no. 1

he will be able to serve your interest first, willing to understand your issue at many level, work with you to solve them one by one resulting with a successful transaction.

Create Maximum Exposure

With high knowledge of sales & marketing, he is able package your property, strategies and showcase it to potential audience and sell it at the best price possible at the shortest possible time.


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